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I'm about to blow the whistle on this technology. Over the last 3 years I have been secretly building this mailbox ATM technology so that EVERYONE from all walks of life can plug right into this revolutionary machine. Start pulling cash out of YOUR mailbox the first week of plugging in your secret mailbox ATM.

Never Before Has A System Been Engineered With YOU In Mind

When you become an Xtreme Profit System dealer, you'll have access to an unlimited amount of cash.... Lets back up for just a sec... How does an Ex-Security Guard engineer a $100 bill secret mailbox ATM machine? Simple, I have tapped into a 300 TRILLION DOLLAR network and developed a brilliant yet simple system that rewards you with Cash! Your secret mailbox ATM will be spitting out multiple $100 cash bills on a daily basis. Do you want a secret mailbox ATM living inside of your mailbox?

Those $50, $80 per-new-recruit programs need far too many sales to make any substantial money and make the effort worthwhile. With everything on the increase (food, gas, rent, etc) your biz opp needs to pay Hefty Commissions. My Xtreme Profit System gives you $200 per sale Plus an outragous BONUS!!! Personally sponsor just 50 members and you will earn $5,000 in BONUSES, PLUS FIFTY $200 commissions. ($15,000) What other program is paying out like this? IT'S VERY SIMPLE…THERE ARE NONE!



Xtreme Profit System is the absolute CREAM OF THE CROP, you won't find a FASTER way to make BIG COMMISSIONS right from home. $200 CHECKS & MONEY ORDERS and $500 FOR LIFE CASH BONUSES are paid DIRECTLY in YOUR NAME and processed through our SECURE PROCESSING CENTER DAILY, so you are 100% GUARANTEED to receive EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR COMING TO YOU. Check out how Just 10 people down through 2 levels pay YOU $20,000 DOLLARS CA$H!! - CRAZY YOU SAY? Just 20 people through 2 levels PAYS YOU OVER $80,000 DOLLARS CA$H!! - CRAZY INDEED!



People having been making money with mail-order for over 100 years. Mail order is hugely popular—in 2010 a staggering $300 trillion worth of goods were sold by mail-order. You will achieve 2 things with this amazing 100% legal mail order business. The first is make more money than you can possibly imagine. The second is a build a mailing list of buyers who will buy from you again.

In the "old days"—meaning up until the mid-1990s before the Internet really took off—entrepreneurs found a product such as a cooking gadget, an article of clothing, a self-published book or a craft item they created themselves. They stocked the item in their garage, attic, basement or bedroom—placed advertisements and waited for the check or money order to be delivered. They then sent the item out or had it drop shipped from another location.

With my XPS mail order business you will not have to build, design or create a new product and hope it sells. You will not mail any products because Way To Money Publications handles all of the hard work. The only thing you'll have to do is mail out the 4-page sales letter.

You Know Back In 2006 When I First Learned That Making Money From Home...

... could actually be real, the first thing I learned was to build my list. The second was to make sure you get to keep most of the commissions.

All these MLM's and Matrix programs, they want you to fill boards and build legs, but in the end they are not paying out MOST of the money to you. Then there was all this hype about internet marketing and everyone started joining all of these internet type program deals and only a few make any money and come to find out the people who have been making money from home since the 80s are all using direct mail to market their business and NO one I mean NO one was telling anyone anything about it. You join and just had to firgure things out. Not Anymore. With my Xtreme Profit System and Way To Money Publication, making money from home is now available to everyone American every age even if you have no computer or business skills. Check out a few people who have been successful working with WTM Publications. The honesty is what you have been looking for in a home business. This is long term.



d"XPS" is honestly the best money making system I have ever seen in my life. I made $9,000 in just 4 weeks. Now I'm practically on a first name basis with the bank manager! And you should see the bank teller's face every time I make a deposit. This lady maybe makes $15 an hour and I'm depositing $1,000's each time! I guess I would be jealous too. But you don't have to be jealous of me, I'm no genius, WTM Publications helped me do it.

K. Soleil Leone, New Orleans


If this is any indicator of how fast your programs make their dealers money, I wish I would have joined all your programs. I've been involved with your Cash Windfall program for only 6 months and already made over $20,000! I'm so excited! I'll join any opportunity that has your name attached to it! Please keep me posted and thank you for this opportunity!

Fred G., OH

dOrder with confidence, I've been in Mail-Order for over 9 years and XPS is the BEST OFFER I've ever made"

Eric Pantalone (US Air Force, ret)
  "I've earned $8,000 this month alone and thousands of free bonus mailings. Your Mailbox ATM is one of the most logical thought out program I have seen for years" –

Kitty J., Chicago, IL
dI'm certainly glad you developed the Cash Windfall program. Up until the last 3 months I was completely broke and couldn't afford to pay my power bill. But since joining your Cash Windfall, I'm averaging $4,000 a month. It feels great!

T. Pellow, Pittsburgh, PA
  I have been recruiting 1 person per day since I joined your new XPS program. Now, I am receiving $200 overrides from my personally sponsored members as they bring in new dealers. I love the $200 overrides and the $500 bonuses…they can make you rich. Thank you! " –

Michelle A., FL





The Mail Order Black Belt Work-At-Home Course and CD-ROM comes WITH EVERY XPS MONEY-MAKING KIT! You will richly benefit from the knowledge contained in the Mail Order Black Belt.




Every XPS member recieves this physical product delivered to your house. There is no money game or MLM, or Matrix, or a chain letter. Zero games with the money here when you become a XPS dealer. Striaght up commissions and rich rewards for those entraprenuers who like to see cash rewards. You work from home to make money so order your Membership Today and Fax in your application to: (775) 245-5680

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